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Algae Eating Sea Hare

Algae Eating Sea Hare

Common Name: Algae Eating Sea Hare, Blunt-end Sea Hare, Eared sea hare

Scientific Name: Dolabella auricularia

The algae eating sea hare comes in a verity of coloration ranging between white, green and brown which make it extremely well camouflaged. It was observed in the wild to grow to a size of 30 cm. When looked from the side it has ear like structures that make it resemble a land Hare. The algae eating sea hare is known to release a pink-purple ink as a defense mechanism, this will mainly occur as the last resort when the animal is squeezed or threatened and does not commonly happen when the animal is picked up in the aquarium setting. It feeds on a variety of brown, green and red algae, and it is known as a fast solution for algae infestations in the aquarium. However, this creature does not eat all types of algae and must be supplied with a verity diet when kept in the aquarium for a long term. As mentioned above this species can eat large amounts of green hair algae and filamentous algae, and can quickly consume all available algae in the aquarium starving itself to death. It is advised to keep an eye on the algae population on the aquarium rock if not supplementing the sea hare diet with extra algal foods.

More pictures of the sea hare: