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Ball Anemone

Ball Anemone

Common Name: Ball Anemone, Club Tip Anemone

Scientific Name: Corallimorpharia (order)

Fun Fact – Ball anemones are actually mushroom corals 🙂

Corallimorpharia look like sea anemones but are a different group of animals. Like anemones they have a big oral disk and tentacles like appendages distributed all over it. The oral disk passes into a narrow body, at the end of which is a foot. The main  identifiable Corallimorpharia come in a variety of colorations with the white-tipped ones being the most commonly observed in the aquarium. They range in size from a few centimetres up to one meter in diameter for the larger species. The ones seen in the aquarium tend to be small and live deeply within the nooks and crannies of live rock. They are commonly introduced with live rocks and on coral frag disks. They are commonly mistaken for Majano anemones and many aquarists treat them like pest anemones, they pose no real threat to the aquarium other than thriving in it. Some large specimens of ball anemone with bold colorations can be found in fish stores from time to time.


Here are some more possible colorations you may encounter:

Common Opinion: GOOD