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Blue Velvet Nudibranch

Blue Velvet Nudibranch

Common NameBlue Velvet Nudibranch

Scientific Name: Chelidonura varians

The blue velvet nudibranch is known mostly for their appetite for flatworms. they are black in color with thin electric blue stripes running along their bodies and reaching a maximum size of 70 mm. The blue velvet nudibranch is sensitive to rapid changes in water conditions and does not have a long life expectancy in the aquarium trade. The blue velvet is known to successfully reproduce in captivity, spawning occurs regularly when more than one of this species is maintained together, Although larvae usually does not survive. They have the tendency to be sucked into powerdheads in the aquarium as they are not fast swimmers. One should consider protection for the display tank powerhead intakes before introducing a nudibranch the aquarium.