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Common NameBristleworm

Scientific Name: Polychaeta

Most bristleworms found in our aquariums are good. They are usually pink in color and can become darker in color when bigger. They can reach a size of almost 1 meter long but most aquarium specimens only grow to several centimeter in size. They generally live on or in the substrate and live rock.  They are primarily nocturnal, any usually only seen when the aquarium light are off.  They may also come out when the tank is being feed. Large ones are often only noticed when a rock is moved that they are living underneath of. They are considered as a good addition to the aquarium ecosystem as long as they do not grow to a too large of a size. Large specimens better be removed. Make sure not to touch the animal when removing it. As the name suggest the worm has many bristles that can get stuck in the skin and irritate the area. Some people are allergic to the bristles making the removal by hand even more dangerous. Use long tweezers to remove animal.

Picture of bristles stuck in the skin:

Common OpinionGOOD