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Zipper Algae

Common Name: Zipper Algae. Scientific Name: Caulerpa Cupressoides. The Zipper Algae grows in long uprights reaching 20cm. the small growths on the long stem give it a Zipper-like apearance. This algae prefers sandy substrate,…

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Feather Algae

Common Name: Feather Algae Scientific Name: Caulerpa Asmeadii This species of Caulerpa features feather shaped blades with rounded, segmented fronds. Feather Algae growth can reach blade widths of up to 5cm and…

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Mermaids Wine Glass

Common Name: Mermaids Wine Glass. Scientific Name: Acetabularia Sp. Typically found in subtropical waters,Acetabularia is a single-celled organism, but gigantic in size and complex in form. It grows to 10 cm tall and…

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