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Cirolanid Isopod

Cirolanid Isopod

Common Name: Cirolanid Isopod

Scientific Name: Cirolanid 

The eyes of the Cirolanid are quite big and ‘evil looking’, They always look angry because of the slant of their eyes. The taxonomic Family Cirolanidae is huge, and they come in many difrent sizes and colors. The ones usualy found in the aqaurium are white with big black eyes. If you find one attached to your fish It is a good idea to quarantine the fish and try to remove the creature gently.

These creatures can also be found on shrimp, usualy on the side of the animal underneath the exoskeleton. This makes it quite hard to remove them but with some surgical skills it is possible.

Here is an ‘Operation’ I performed on a shrimp to remove one of these isopods out.

Common Opinion: BAD