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Devonshire cup coral
Devonshire Cup Coral (Caryophyllia smithii), Sark, Channel Islands

Devonshire cup coral

Common NameDevonshire cup coral

Scientific Name: Caryophyllia smithii

The Devonshire cup-coral, is a small, colorful coral that looks remarkably like a sea-anemone.The whitish, cup-shaped external skeleton gives the coral its name. It feeds on zooplankton & organic particles and required moderate lighting conditions. The beautiful and delicate-looking polyp may come in a range of colors, including red, pink, orange, white, green or brown. It can be introduced to the aquarium by liverock collected in the ocean. In addition, others high-end specimens can be bought in firsh stores. cup coral hitchhikers are a nice addition to a reef tank and removal is at the aquarist discretion.

Common OpinionGOOD