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Green Hair Algea

Green Hair Algea

Common Name: Green HairAlgae

Scientific Name: Derbesia


The Green Hair algea grows in patches on the rocks that look like miniature grass. Green Hair Algae begins to grow when the Nitrates and Phosphates in your system are abundant. Nutrients with a constant source of light are everything that hair algae needs to live a long and prosperous life. It is not toxic but can overgrow over corals and compete with them over territory. It is mostly considered as an eye sore and not a pest and it is easily controllable.

Common Opinion: BAD (but depends on your situation)

Possible solutions:

There are many reasons why a hair algea start to bloom in the aquarium. The following is a good action plan to reduce and remove this pesky algea from your tank:

  • The easiest thing to do, and the most common reason for algea blooms, is to reduce tank feeding. Overfeeding allows nutrients to rise giving the algea the opportunity to thrive.
  • Adding a Refugium will allow for a larger water mass and a dedicated place to have nutrient sucking alga like Cheato that is common in refugium setups.
  • Invest in a Protein Skimmer, if you don’t already own one, protein skimmers are designed to remove waste from the aquarium water column.
  • Green algea is a source of food for almost all herbivores in the hobby. You can add a Tang, Lawn-Mower Blenny or a a safe algea eating Seahare. depending on your tank inhabitants.
  • Increase your Clean up Crew. The hermits and snails in your tank are dedicated to eat algea and usualy getting 5-10 more critters removes the problem.

Use the list above as a guide line. Most likely one of two points will fix your problem.