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Juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish

Juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish

Common Name: juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish, juvenile Two-Color Parrotfish, juvenile Irobudai 

Scientific Name: Cetoscarus bicolor

The Bicolor Parrotfish has different coloration for its adult and juvenile stages. A juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish has a white body with an orange stripe over its face area. The orange stripe often has black stroke lines buffering the color transition. In addition, it may have orange and black coloration on its anal and dorsal fins. The Juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish can be kept in tanks in ranges of 50-100 gallons but must be put in a larger tank once it grows up, see Adult parrot fish information here. In the aquarium they have been observed to have an omnivorous diet eating Brine and Mysis Shrimp as well as Spirulina and Nori as well as other live algae types available in the hobby. When sleeping, parrotfish are known to make a mucus layer over their body to protect themselves at night.

As adults, the Bicolor Parrotfish color changes completely to blue and green with pink and yellow highlights all over.

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