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Mini Brittle Stars

Mini Brittle Stars

Common Name: Mini Brittle Stars, Micro Brittle Stars

Scientific Name: Ophiurida

These little starfish come in an almost endless coloration set with the brown-purple-white ones, seen in the image below, being the most common. They are commonly introduced to the aquarium with live rock or coral frags and are considered beneficial being scavengers or detritivores. Bristle Stars generally have five slender long legs with small bristles protruding along each leg, giving them their name. They use their flexible arms for locomotion on the sand and between the rocks. They usually grow to a couple of centimeters in size leg to leg with the main body of up to half a centimeter.

Usually only the legs of these creatures are seen poking from the rocks like so:

Here is a picture of the starfish outside the water:

Common Opinion: GOOD