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Mysid Shrimp

Mysid Shrimp

Common Name: Mysid Shrimp, Possum shrimp

Scientific Name: Mysida

There are over 72 species of Mysids. Most of them are freshwater mysids, but there are marine species as well that you find in the saltwater aquarium. These creatures can often be seen running around rocks and on the aquarium glass scraping Diatoms and other microalgae. They reach a maximum size of 10mm and are generally light gray to translucent in color. The females carry the brood pouch in a pouch on the abdomen where eggs and larvae grow. This pouch makes these creature very succesful aquarium breeders as they are not subject to the sweeping/filtering/pecking that free-floating larvae are normally subjected to. Mysid shrimp are a great food source for seahorses, cow fish, pipe fish and many other marine fish. Due to their small size they can be introduced with almost any addition to the aquarium including the water in the bag.

Here is another look at these tiny creatures:

Common Opinion: GOOD