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Nassarius snail

Nassarius snail

Common Name: Nassarius snail

Scientific Name: Nassarius sp.

A Nassarius Snail can be identified by his trunk like tube that extends out of his oval-spiral shaped shell. These snail sometimes borrow in the sand and the tube is the only sign on their existence. They are capable scavengers and great sand sifters and are considered a good addition to the aquarium clean up crew. The Nassarius Snail colorations are mainly white and gray but some specimen were observed to show more dark colorations of brown and black. They typically grow to 2-3 cm in size in captivity and are occasionally seen reproducing in the aquarium. The Nassarius Snail is considered to be a very good beginner clean up crew member as it will eat a large amount of excess feeding usually given by novice aquarists.

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