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Peanut worm

Peanut worm

Common NamePeanut worm

Scientific Name:  Sipuncula

There are more than 300 species of peanut worms. They are relatively common in shallow waters, either in burrows or in discarded shells as hermit crabs do. Some bore into solid rocks to make a shelter for themselves. Although typically less than 10 cm long, some may reach several times that length. When threatened, they can retract their body into a shape resembling a peanut kernel –  thus giving rise to the name “peanut worm”. Their mouth organ is surrounded by a mass of 18–24 tentacle-like organs that help it find food and feed. Peanut worms are detritivores, the uses organic waste as a food source, hence considered beneficial to the aquarium ecosystem. Most aquariums are fed too sparsely to support these creatures resulting in a short-lived stay in the aquarium.

Common OpinionGOOD