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Polyclad Flatworm

Polyclad Flatworm

Common NamePolyclad Flatworm , Leopard Polyclad Flatworm

Scientific Name: Polycladida

Polyclad Flatworms range is size from several milimeters to several cemtimeters in length with a flattened body shape that is roughly oval. They come in many colorations with the gray-brown variety seen here being the most common in the aquarium reef. Some species of polyclad flatworms are known to prey mollusks, and a good sign of this aninal existance in the aquarium is finding dead snails and clams. The most common ones seen in the aquarium have leopard like pattern with gray-brown to dark black coloration. They are known to pray on many clams that are often seen in aquarium captivity. Other species of polyclad flatworms are thought to prey on stony coral but not much is known about their impacts on other corals in the reefs. It is advised to remove these animals from the aquarium on sight.

Possible solutions:

unfortunately, there is no easy ways of eradication for this creature. The best course of action is to isolate the rock they are hiding in until they are removed physically.

another possible (but expensive) way to draw these creatures out is with the addition of live feeder clams. This method requires monitoring, and once the creature is in the open one should quickly remove the worm before it returns to the safety of the rocks.


Video by Sander Hemmes.

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