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Sand Skater

Sand Skater

Common Name: Sand Skaters

Scientific Name: Sphaeromatid Isopod

The Sphaeromatidae are a variety of sand dwelling pods. They are quite small reaching a maximum size of just several millimeters. Like other crustaceans they have an armoured exoskeleton, it covers their entire body and from the side looks like a small pyramid and is almost totally transparent with brown colorations in some locations. They are capable of rapid movement and reproduce fairly quickly. They are usually introduced to the aquarium with live rock collected in the ocean. Sphaeromatidae vary considerably, with the one depicted in the picture being the most common one seen in the aquarium. They are commonly confused with flatworms, one good way to distinguish between the two is the creature speed – flatworms move very slowly where this pod movements is very rapid.

Common Opinion: GOOD