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sap-sucking sea slug

sap-sucking sea slug

Common Name: sap-sucking sea slug

Scientific Name: Elysia

The sap-sucking sea slug comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. The common characteristic for all varieties is the two leafy flaps along its body that are used for breathing and two horn like structures on its head. It feeds by sucking the fluinds from green algea. Resulting from that feeding the slugs are mostly green in color, that color may fade as the slug goes short of food. The slug is sometimes refered to as the “solar-powered sea slugs” as it uses photosynthesis via chloroplasts from its algal food. Some specimen are commercially available as they have an appealing presence but mostly they are intorduced by live rock and coral collected in the ocen.

The slug can close itself up and appears a bit different, Here is another picture: