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Skeleton Shrimp
''Pariambus typicus''

Skeleton Shrimp

Common Name: Skeleton Shrimp.

Scientific Name: Caprellidae Amphipod.

Caprellids are easily recognizable from other amphipods because of their slender elongated bodies. They are omnivorous, feeding on diatoms, detritus, protozoans, smaller amphipods, and crustacean larvae. Some species are filter feeders, using their antennae to filter food from the water or scrape it off the substrate. Most species are predators that sit and wait like a praying mantis, with their gnathopods ready to snatch any smaller invertebrates which come along. Although some species may reach a length of 2 inches, most are much smaller and you’ll have to look closely in order to find them. They are most likely to be introduced by any live addition added to the aquarium.

Common Opinion: GOOD