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Sponge Nudibranch

Sponge Nudibranch

Common NameSponge Nudi 

Scientific Name: Hypselodoris pulchella

Faun Fact: Nudibranch comes from the Latin words Naked and Gills. As this animal type have their gills exposed on their back.

The sponge nudi has a white body with purple overtones with yellow dots all over and has a sharp purple band of color running alongside the whole body length. The animals gills, the flower looking growth on the back of the body, are white with purple edges. In the wild these nudibranches are commonly seen during the day across the west Pacific and Indian ocean, they are often seen in groups where the smaller individual follows the larger individuals. These little colorful animals are known to feed mainly on certain species of sponge. This makes them a very hard animal to keep in the aquarium as even if you have sponges in your tank they may not be edible to this creature. In the aquarium they have the tendency to be sucked into powerdheads as they are not strong swimmers. One should consider protection for the display tank powerhead intakes and a sponge variety diet plan before introducing a this nudibranch to the aquarium.