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Stomatella Snail

Stomatella Snail

Common Name: Stomatella Snail

Scientific Name: Stomatella 

Stomatella snails are small fast-moving snails that look more like slugs than regular snails. They have small flat shells on their back but they cannot use them for protection like normal snails. Stomatella snails can be bought in fish stores, but are also frequently brought into the aquarium with live rock as hitchhiker. It can be hard to know exactly which species one keep if they have been introduced with live rock. Stomatella snails grow to be about 2.5 cm and come in a variety of shades between white, black , green and brown. More exotic specimen are completely black or have vibrant colors like orange, pink and red. Stomatella snails are mainly night active but can be out and about in the day time as well. They are reef safe and seen to reproduce in the aquarium easily. They will spawn spontaneously if they are kept in a well established marine tank and only very seldom multiply enough to become a nuisance.

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