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The Blue

The Blue

Common Name: The Blue 

Scientific Name Malus Imagini

The Blue is a very common occurrence in the aquarium hobby. It is spotted mostly online and comes in a all shades of blue with occasional blurred figures in the center. It is believed that the blue is responsible for many instabilities in the aquarium system but it was never proven. 

Joking aside,

Saltwater aquariums usually use strong light systems that are focused on the blue end of the spectrum to provide light to the corals. The abundance of  that light can cause overexposure in the cellphone camera. Cellphone cameras are not setup by default to take images of such bright environments with an abundance of blue light. Some devices will have a manual / Professional mode to allow the setting to be tweaked to allow blue light photography. We recommend to reduce or turn off blue light completely when taking pictures with your cellphone. The use of a light/photography filters can also help in removing the light for better picture results.

Happy fish keeping everyone!